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2018 Messages

January 2018
Sunday 14-01-2018 Engage the Earth Series Monday 15-01-2018 Engage the Earth Series
Tuesday 16-01-2018 Faith-Engage the Earth Series Wednesday 24-01-2018 Engage the Earth Series
Thursday 25-01-2018 Engage the Earth Series Sunday 28-01-2018 Engage the Earth Series
Tuesday 31-01-2018 Engage the Earth Series
February 2018
Sunday 04-02-2018 Engage the Earth Series ( Believe)Tuesday 06-02-2018 Engage the Earth Series ( Believe 2)
Wednesday 07-02-2018 Engage the Earth Series ( Believe 3)Sunday 11-02-2018 Engage the Earth Series ( The Word of God)
Tuesday 13-02-2018 Engage the Earth Series (Rest)
Wednesday 14-02-2018 Valentine Service
Sunday 18-02-2018 Grace (Pst Terver Achubu)
March 2018
Sunday 4-03-2018 Engage the Earth Series(Faith)

Wednesday 07-03-2018 Engage the Earth Series (Faith & Hope)
Sunday 11-03-2018 Engage the Earth Series (Hope)Wednesday 14-03-2018 Prayer and Communion Service
Tuesday 18-03-2018 The Making of Men-Process (Pst Samual Omale)Wednesday 21-03-2018 Engage the Earth Series (Faith and Hope)
Sunday 25-03-2018 Consecration (Pst Samuel Omale)
April 2018
Sunday 01-04-2018 Resurrection Power Series (Part 1)Wednesday 04-04-2018 I Only Escaped(Prof Iyiola Tela )
Wednesday 04-04-2018 Engage the Earth Series (Rev Phidelis MekaSunday 08-04-2018 Resurrection Power Series (Part 2)
Tuesday 10-04-2018 Resurrection Power Series (Part 3)
Wednesday 11-04-2018 Resurrection Power Series(Part 4))
Resurrection Power Series(Part 5)Sunday 15-04-2018 Resurrection Power Series (Part 6)

Renewed Sexuality 1

Renewed Sexuality 2)
Wednesday 18-04-2018 Resurrection Power Series (Part 7)Sunday 22-04-2018 Walk of Faith (Pst Jacob Barnabas Ovyeh)

Wednesday 25-04-2018 Holy and Royal Priesthood
Sunday 29-04-2018 Moses and Joshua Generation (Pastor Gideon Mba)
May 2018
Tuesday 01-05-2018 Days of ChariotsWednesday 02-05-2018 Footmen, Horsemen and Chariots
Sunday 06-05-2018 CIRCUMCISION (Pst Samuel Omale)Sunday 13-05-2018 The CALL-Waiting on God (Pst Terver Achubu)
Wednesday 16-05-2018 The REMNANTS-Becoming the Word (Pst Onesimus Madaki)
Sunday 20-05-2018 The Potter and His Clay (Pst Ishaya Inuwa)
Wednesday 23-05-2018 Trust God (Pst Terver Achubu)Friday 25-05-2018 Becoming Partakers of God's Divine Nature (Engage the Earth Series)
Saturday 26-05-2018 The Kingdom And Sovereignty of God (Engage the Earth Series)
Sunday 27-05-2018 The Unveiled Man (Engage the Earth Series)
Wednesday 30-05-2018 Set Apart
June 2018
Sunday 03-06-2018 The Study of 1 John 1-3Wednesday 06-06-2018 The Study of 1 John 4-5
Sunday 10-06-2018 CivilizationsTuesday 12-06-2018 Faith is Knowing God
Wednesday 20-06-2018 Brood on the Word (Pst Terver Achubu)Sunday 26-06-2018 GRACE
July 2018
Wednesday 04-07-2018 There is a Spirit in Man
Sunday 15-07-2018 The Right Perception
Sunday 15-07-2018 Jesus, The Open Door (Pst Chris Delvan Gwamna)Wednesday 18-07-2018 Heaven on Earth
Sunday 22-07-2018 The Love Life ( Dcn Alex Ladan)Sunday 29-07-2018 Service (Pst Terver Achubu)
Tuesday 31-07-2018 Discernment
August 2018
Sunday 12-08-2018 INVADEWednesday 22-08-2018 The Journey of Faith
Sunday 26-08-2018 War Against Civilizations
September 2018
Wednesday 05-09-2018 The Spirit of ExcellenceSunday 09-09-2018 Beyond the Veil 1
Wednesday 12-09-2018 Becoming His Image (Pst Mrs Chingtok)Friday 14-09-2018 Beyond the Veil 2
Saturday 15-09-2018 Jemimah and Adams Wedding Sunday 16-09-2018 The ORDINATION
Wednesday 26-09-2018 Journey Of Faith-walking on the waters ( Pst Terver Achubu) Sunday 30-09-2018 The Earth Cries
The Life of the Gospel
October 2018
Monday 01-10-2018 Nigeria's Independent CelebrationWednesday 10-10-2018 FAITH IS RISK TAKING (Pst Terver Achubu/Pst Sam Madueke/Pst Mrs Chingtok)
Sunday 14-10-2018 Spirit Led Life(Family Meeting)Wednesday 17-10-2018 INTIMACY WITH THE SPIRIT (Pst Mrs Chingtok)
Wednesday 17-10-2018 Leaving the Known for the Unknown-[Book of Ruth-(Pst John Audu)Thursday 18-10-2018 Pathfinders-Book of Ruth(Pst John Audu & Pst Chingtok Ishaku)
Wednesday 24-10-2018, Seeing Eyes, Hearing Ears, Understanding Heart (Pst Samuel Omale)Sunday 28-10-2018 The Good News ( Pst Chris Delvan)Sunday 28-10-2018 The Good News ( Pst Chris Delvan)
Monday 29-10-2018 The Power of the Gospel ( Pst Chris Delvan)
Wednesday 31-10-2018 Wisdom and Spiritual Understanding
Wednesday 31-10-2018 Wilderness (Apostle Gideon Odoma)
November 2018
Sunday 04-11-2018 Everlasting CovenantSunday 11-11-2018 Push Back the Darkness
Sunday 11-11-2018 The Everlasting PathSunday 18-11-2018 Heaven Over Earth (Pst Samuel Omale)
Wednesday 21-11-2018 I AMTuesday 27-11-2018 Joy in Trial
Wednesday 28-11-2018 The BLOOD (Power of the Witness Series)
December 2018
Sunday 02-12-2018 Bear Fruit (Pst Bonshak Dandak)Wednesday 05-12-2018 The Workings of Darkness
Sunday 09-12-2018 God's CalledWednesday 12-12-2018 THE WATER (Power of the Witness Series)
Thursday 13-12-2018 Washing of The Water by The Word (Power of The Witness Series)Wednesday 19-12-2018 Jesus!! Our Perfect Example (Power of the Witness Series)
Sunday 23-12-2018 CHRISTMAS CAROLSunday 30-12-2018 THE SPIRIT (Power of The Witness Series)
Monday 31-12-2018 On Earth As it is In Heaven